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Pedagogical meeting with El Sistema Greece

The Greek socio-musical organization visits Madrid thanks to the «Academy for Impact through Music» (AIM) of which we are part

Spanish version available here / Versión en español disponible aquí

El Sistema Greece visits Acción por la Música projects after a year of work and online training within the framework of the “Academy for Impact through Music (AIM)”

This experience has allowed us to strengthen both human and professional ties with a reference project in the socio-musical sector such as El Sistema Grecia and share teaching experiences to nurture the methodology of both organizations.

A key alliance to achieve our common purpose: social transformation and the empowerment of children and young people through music.

Academy for Impact through Music (AIM)

The «Academy for Impact through Music» is a training programme for teachers that started as an initiative of the Hilti Foundation. Its purpose is to proving educators of socio-musical projects that work with the methodology of «El Sistema de Coros y Orquestas» based on the following 5 pillars:

  1. Holistic development
  2. Intrinsic motivation
  3. Artistry without limits
  4. Optimal Agency
  5. Community

Each of the 10 socio-musical organisations that participate in it, develop a year-long research project (FAR Lab) in which representatives of the teaching team of each organisation (Firebirds) participate, with the aim of investigating pedagogical practices in the classroom that reinforce these five pillars.  

The main methodology is the direct observation of teachers in the classroom and the subsequent feedback from professionals in the pedagogical and educational sector.

Firebirds El Sistema Greece:

During this meeting, we were honoured to welcome:

  • Francis Gagliardi: Firebird specialist in brass wind instruments, initiation and musical language Also is the responsible of the Young Leaders Program.
  • Eleni Liora: Firebird viola specialist.
  • Giannis Ismirnioglou: Firebird specialist in choir and violin.
  • José Angel Salazar: Artistic Director and FAR Lab Leader of El sistema Greece.

Thanks to this meeting, the sense of community is more present in the teaching staff and in the members of the choirs and orchestras of the two entities. Thank you very much to El Sistema Greece for choosing us and to AIM for making it possible.

Find out more about the Academy of Impact through Music (AIM) started by Hilti and El Sistema Grecia here:

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